Luke on Life: 7 Practical Lessons for Success

Luke Cooper is a Lawyer, Author & Businessman. He is an articulate evangelist for the use of entrepreneurship and practical rules as tools for achieving greatness. A successful businessman, he has navigated the trenches in business and in life. With raw emotion, shocking honesty and expert command, Luke uses his own story to disavow the notion that hardship is rate limiting. 

Raised by his single mom in the tough neighborhoods of Bridgeport, Connecticut, as a twelve year old boy, Luke was required to testify against his own father who was subsequently sentenced to 20 years in prison for violence against his Mother. Forgiveness came 12 years later when Luke graduated law school and with his Mother's blessing, successfully argued for his Father's release. Twelve years later, though a free man, his Father would finally succumb to complications related to a life of drug addiction. With inexplicable positivity, Luke articulates a deep love for his Father and the man that he could have become. With the largest achievement gap between low-income students and their peers in the country, Luke focuses much of his attention on the areas near where he grew up in Connecticut.  

As the precise representation of the American dream, he shares a powerful message of triumph in the face of both adversity and its close cousin, success. In addition to several professional certificates, Luke is a JD.MBA with degrees from Syracuse Law School and Babson College. 

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